Johanna O'flaherty - PhD, LADAC, CEAP

Johanna O’ Flaherty, is a psychologist, author, consultant and keynote speaker. She is the former CEO of Central Recovery Treatment (CRT) and Vice President of Treatment Services at the Betty Ford Center. Currently, Johanna spends much of her time traveling and speaking to audiences throughout the behavioral health industry about generational trauma.


Other Presentations & Audiences:

  • Airlines
  • CISM Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • First Responders: Psychological Aspects of Responding to disasters
  • Healing Ancestral Trauma & Addiction
  • Leaning Out: How To Gracefully Step Down Retire from Executive Positions.
  • Peer Support & Wellness Program: Lawyers & Judges
  • Rewrite Your life’s Narrative
  • Spirituality in Recovery
  • Trauma, grief, and recovery

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Enjoy Johanna’s presence and material each time she speaks; absolutely fantastic—would have loved more time for this presentation; very engaging, feisty, no-nonsense approach was great.
I love Johanna—her sessions could have been longer; great combination of science and stories.
OMG-loved her—engaging speaker and very relatable; there is hope and a future; wonderful; enjoyed learning about ancestral trauma; very different presenter from all others—great to have variety—she is fascinating; fantastic speaker and I always learn from Johanna; excellent.
Johanna was outstanding—her information is so powerful and important; loved her—great presentation; she’s great and very informative; more time please; excellent; this lady really knew her ‘chit’; real information that can be used daily—statistic; always fantastic.
Absolutely fascinating—wish we could have heard her fun workshop; great presentation; awesome; funny, entertaining, informative—excellent for an afternoon presentation; loved that she was a Pan Am FA and is now a PhD—she was fierce; excellent.
FAs are first responders too—that clicked as I was in the medical field and why I didn’t put 2+2 together until hearing that; well informed; enjoyed it; thought-provoking presentation.
She kept my attention and was the best presenter today; amazing; wonderful and funny presentation; enjoyed listening to her and the subject; amazing; never enough time for Johanna—so much knowledge; hilarious—I love to see an empowered woman; she was great; dynamic, engaging and informative presentation—really enjoyed subject matter and speaker; passionate speaker; my favorite speaker.
Always a pleasure to hear her speak; funny, engaging, knowledgeable, interesting—she was great; a wonderful, thoughtful, and caring speaker—very knowledgeable and straight-forward speaker; excellent; loved, loved, loved this presentation; very knowledgeable; always love hearing her speak.
She is an amazing presenter in the field of trauma—could listen to her all day; Johanna’s way of making everyone understand the link between trauma and addiction was wonderful—the presentation connected directly to everyone in the audience and was phenomenal.
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